About Us

Megapress Ltd. at a Glance

Megapress  Ltd is an indigenous company incorporated in Nigeria under the company and allied matters decree 1990 on 10th June 2003 with RC NO 482539. The aim is to engage in the business of general printing, publishing, supply of printing and publishing, supply of printing and educational materials, consultancy services, training, training, supply and installation of printing machines.

The company was registered to provide the following identified national needs:

To effectively handle the death of modern printing equipment and well- designed high qualities locally produced printed matters for government, corporate bodies, organizations and individuals.

To cushion the effects of the problems faced by local authors, the literary community and the educational system by publishing their original manuscripts and materials to meet their ever-increasing demands.

To translate concepts and ideas into visuals and final prints for packaging and promoting organizations, their products and services for the enhancement of their products and services for the enhancement of their growth and development.

To partner with government establishment for the realization of private-public partnership policy.

To provide specialized consultancy services and training in printing technology and management.

MegaPress Nigeria Ltd has over the years pursued these objectives with zeal, diligence and a high sense of vision thereby building an acknowledged reputation for high quality and job security. This has garnered to it an inexhaustible list of clients.

Our team comprises of experts in printing technology, publishing graphic designs, business management, public relations and marketing with considerable years of experience in the field.